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Welcome to Todd's Place LLC,
complete auto service and repair
in Buchanan, MI!

  • Engine Repair
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Vehicle Electrical Repair
  • Tire Rotation & Wheel Alignment
  • Classic Car Repair
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Battery Services
  • Diesel Engine Repair
  • Headlight & Taillight Services
  • Transmission Repair
  • Brake Services
  • Muffler & Exhaust Services
  • Suspension Services
  • Hybrid Car Repair
  • Oil Change

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About Todd's Place LLC Buchanan, MI

Todd's Place LLC opened in 2005 doing auto repair and transmission repair and rebuilds. We also ran the self serve car wash at 707 S. Red Bud Tr., Buchanan, Mi. In 2014 we were bursting at the seams and moved to 701 S. Red Bud Tr. Buchanan. We no longer have the car wash but have added selling tires, performing alignments, full-service auto repair, and transmission work. Our mission is to help our customers with the most friendly, dependable and affordable service Buchanan has to offer for their cars and light trucks.

Are you ready to experience the best Buchanan, MI car service available? Please give us a call or make an appointment here.

Recently Serviced Vehicles

2007 Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS

Service Date
Services Performed
  • TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models – [Includes: Programming.]
  • Transmission will not stay in gear, the cost of rebuild exceeds the cost of installing used. Also noted bad Center Support Bearing
  • Transmission $500.00 I-80 Calumet City, Ill Auto Wreckers Tax 10% = $50.00 Total $550.00 (SHOWING IN LABOR)
Jamie M. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/31/2020

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Combination : Transmission Oil Cooler Hose Assembly
  • Delivery
  • Plug Rear Right Tire.
  • Testing , inspection & Research reveal; Reverse gear out.
  • TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY – Remove & Replace – 6 Spd Trans,3.8L Eng – [Includes: Perform Relearn procedure.]
  • 1-80 Auto parts Vin: 2D8HN54P68R657963
Marlyn S. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/9/2020

2012 Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler Town & Country

Service Date
Services Performed
  • OBD II Scan , Testing Research : Reveal problem in Reverse
  • Remove pan to check for problems. Found 2 " piece ofa Clutch Drum.
  • TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models – [Includes: Perform Relearn procedure.]
William M. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/1/2020

2005 Dodge Pickup

Dodge Pickup

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Testing, inspection Research reveal. 3rd gear gone. Replace, Reman or Rebuild options.
  • TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY – Overhaul Removed – Trans Mfr CD 48RE
  • TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY – Removal & Installation – Trans Mfr CD 48RE,4WD
Dragos P. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/30/2020

2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic

Chevrolet Silverado Classic

Service Date
Services Performed
  • 1.1 Hr @ $75.00 Hr = $82.50
This vehicle's owner gave our service a 5 star review on 8/11/2020

2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

Chevrolet Avalanche

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Inspection Testing and Research Reveal: Bad Transfer Case
Mark B. gave our service a 5 star review on 8/8/2020

2004 Ford Pickup

Ford Pickup

Service Date
Services Performed
  • OBD II Scan Reveals.Codes: PO304 : Cylinder #4 Misfire PO316 : Misfire on startup PO325 : Knock Sensor : 1Circuit fault PO622 : Generator Field F Control Circuit problem
  • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – F150,V8
Carl B. F. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/19/2020

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Oil & Filter change
Bill D. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/4/2020

2007 Honda Civic

Honda Civic

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Mount & Balance Tire X 4 New Valve Stems
Andy W. gave our service a 5 star review on 2/17/2020

2004 Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado

Service Date
Services Performed
  • OBD2 Scan Inspection and Testing Reveals :Open Circuit for cool and temp sensor reveal Rodent damage to wiring. Fuel pressure test and check for spark ,no spark found bad ground wire for coil harness (rodent dammage) Rear brakes need Pads and Rotors, Hoses and Calipers ( Can not bleed) Brake line rusted through in several areas from ABS to rear
  • Replaced pigtail (Cool and Temp Sensor connector) Repaired Wiring
  • BRAKE PADS – Remove and Replace – Both Rear
  • (Combination) – BRAKE HOSE – Replace All- [Includes: Perform ABS Automated Bleed procedure.]
  • (Combination) – CALIPER – Replace Both Rear – [Includes: Perform ABS Automated Bleed procedure.]
  • R and R from ABS to Back and Across Back
  • DISC ROTOR – Remove and Replace – 1500 Rear,Both –
  • DIFFERENTIAL COVER GASKET – Remove and Replace –
  • STEERING GEAR (COMPLETE) – Remove and Replace – 1500,4WD Worm and Ball Nut Type Gears – [Includes: Manual and Power Rack and Pinion, Worm and Ball Nut and Rack and Piston Assemblies. . DOES NOT include transfer of components or alignment+ +-
  • Oil and Filter Change
  • REMOVE and REPLACE : All New Front Lines
  • TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER PIPES – Remove and Replace – One,Cooler to Transmission – [Includes: R and I Grille Assembly. Includes: R and I Headlamp Assemblies.]
  • TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER PIPES – Remove and Replace – One,Transmission to Radiator
Mathew B. gave our service a 5 star review on 12/6/2019

2013 Ford Escape

Ford Escape

Service Date
Services Performed
  • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID – Drain & Refill – All Applicable Models
  • Inspection & Testing Reveal; Drivers Side Front Output Shaft Seal leaking. Transmission Fluid burnt and 3 Quarts low. Fluid added and test driven. Vehicle drove with no problem. Todd notes when a vehicle is driven that low on fluid it does damage, he can not advise how long transmission will last.
  • OUTPUT SHAFT SEAL – Remove & Replace – Left
Paul K. gave our service a 5 star review on 11/11/2019

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan

Service Date
Services Performed
  • FOUR WHEEL ALIGNMENT – Adjustment – All Applicable Models – [DOES NOT include straightening or replacement of components.]
  • Inspection Found nothing wrong with front end but rear drivers side Rim bent and pass side front Tire extremely worn.
Josh P. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/14/2019